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Get to Know The Beans

About Namesake

Sustainability Meets Deliciousness

At Namesake Coffee, our commitment to intentionality is reflected in every cup and package. We didn’t want to just find biodegradable bags as these materials are designed to break down within commercial facilities and unfortunately not all cities have this capability. Compostable bags, however, are plant-based and break down naturally. The valve in our bags is 100% compostable too so no need to remove these before burying. Pretty cool, right?


If you don’t compost, don’t worry! We are happy to share that our compostable bags are backyard friendly and can break down in about 180 days. If you want the bag to break down more quickly, just cut it into pieces and sprinkle in your flower beds or toss dirt over them in your backyard.


Our labels are made of seed-paper, when you plant them they grow wild flowers, herbs, or whichever seed variety we are featuring at that time. Our bags and seed paper labels are more than just eco-friendly – they’re a connection to our brand’s values. With every sip, you contribute to a sustainable future. Join us in celebrating intentional living and environmental responsibility.


Additionally, we commissioned an artist to hand-draw all the elements of our bag. We wanted an intentional design highlighting botanical elements and our horticulture roots. Each plant element celebrates a different part of Michael and Jessica Beans’ story, and this representation brings one more plant-loving intentional element to the Namesake brand.


Lastly, each origin card included in our bags has a list of Reflection Questions to draw inspiration from as you sip your morning cup. We swap these questions out when we get new origins so as you continue to order from Namesake, you’ll receive new and thoughtful questions to consider. This is a part of our continued effort to encourage each person to Drink Intentionally.

About the Beans

name·sake - ˈnāmˌsāk/ noun: a person or thing that has the same name as another. Enjoy your Namesake from the Beans. 

Namesake Coffee was founded from an extreme love of specialty coffee by Michael and Jessica Beans (hence the name). We provide high quality coffee beans, roasted fresh, and delivered quickly. These things are a given, as they should be for any self-proclaimed specialty coffee roaster. However, we also try to find complex and interesting origins. Coffees that keep us up at night because we can’t wait to make another cup in the morning. We strive to pay farmers a fair wage through using fair-trade importers and source organic coffees when available. We think coffee should be an experience of flavors, aroma, comfort, and appreciation. These are our values and what we strive to achieve everyday for our customers.

Namesake Coffee co-founders, Jessica and Michael, met while living in Cairo, Egypt, (an adorable story for another time). And you know how the saying goes… First comes love …then comes marriage…then comes starting a coffee roasting company.

After moving from Denver, CO, to Dayton, OH, the Beans decided to pursue their love of great coffee by starting a small-batch coffee roasting company and on March 15, 2016, Namesake Coffee Roasters, LLC. was born.

Michael and Jessica are passionate about creating a company that promotes goodness within our world. This is why they have chosen to give a portion of their proceeds to nonprofits throughout their area in an effort to support work are already happening around to uplift the most vulnerable in Dayton. Coffee has and always will be about connection, and I know that is a claim that most coffee shops say… but Michael and Jessica are striving to put more than just words into this value, so they use their company to connect and support their local community.

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Carry Namesake Coffee In Your Business

At Namesake Coffee, we value community. Sounds cliché for a coffee company to say, but we really mean it. We appreciate our partners and collaborators who proudly offer our exceptional coffee roasts to their customers. Our network of restaurants, coffee shops, and boutiques share our values of intentionality, quality, and growth.

We’re excited to connect with like-minded businesses and help you bring a unique coffee experience to your customers.

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