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Namesake Coffee Roasters


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Drink Intentionally.

Namesake Coffee sources and roasts coffee of exceptional quality, with a focus on both social and environmental responsibility.

Deliciousness Meets Sustainability

Learn How To Bury This Bag

Brew Guides

Man pressing down the French Press, with the Namesake coffee bean bag next to it on the counter.

A Beginner's Guide to Using a French Press

There's a certain charm to brewing your own coffee, and for beginners, the French Press is an excellent gateway into the world of coffee craftsmanship.

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Baratza Encore Conical Burr Coffee Grinder on counter top next to two plants.

Which Coffee Grinder Should I Buy?

Once people want to join the magical world of freshly ground coffee, their first question to us is usually, “so which grinder should I get?”

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Namesake coffee bag spilling out onto counter, showing the whole beans inside.

Why Grind Coffee Fresh?

When it comes to getting the best flavor out of your morning cup of coffee, grinding your own beans fresh is key. 

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Dayton Locals –

Let us Cater Your Next Event

At Namesake Coffee, we believe that every special occasion deserves the perfect cup of coffee. Whether you’re hosting a corporate event, a wedding, or a community gathering, we’re here to elevate your coffee experience.

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coffee that gives back

Raise a Cup to Something Better

To Our Community: We think a cup of coffee should go further than just being absolutely delicious. This is why we partner with a number of local non-profits and donate 10% of our proceeds to help build up the Dayton community. Some of these ongoing partners have included Brigid’s Path and The Oasis House in an attempt to support them in their own ongoing efforts to bring hope and healing to some of the most vulnerable people in our city.

To Our Planet: At Namesake Coffee, our commitment to intentionality is reflected in every cup and package. We didn't want to just find biodegradable bags as these materials are designed to break down within commercial facilities and unfortunately not all cities have this capability. Compostable bags, however, are plant-based and break down naturally. The valve in our bags is 100% compostable too so no need to remove these before burying. Pretty cool, right? 

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We Are Namesake

Exquisite Coffee for Everyone

Namesake Coffee is a full-scale roastery in Dayton offering wholesale beans to restaurants, retail bags for sale, and private coffee events as well as pop-up shops (posted on our IG when we choose a new location and date).

Our motto is “Drink intentionally” in an effort to encourage people to use their morning coffee time as a means of stopping, slowing down, and reflecting about their lives. We are huge advocates for supporting local businesses which is why we partner with a number of local restaurants, boutiques, and markets to sell our beans and also provide ongoing training and education for the coffee industry here in Dayton.

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