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Kenya - Uteuzi Jimbo - Nyeri AA

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Tasting Notes:

Huge caramel flavor with burnt sugar and dark chocolate flavors. Sugary sweetness with complex, tangy acidity

About this coffee:

Uteuzi Jimbo is Swahili for "county select," and is a Regional Select program designed to highlight the different coffee-growing counties of Kenya. These coffees are traceable down to the region, and are created by blending lots from different factories in each area. Nyeri is situated between Mt. Kenya and the Aberadare Mountains, creating a perfect climate for coffee production. This area is historically the center of Kenya's coffee production due to the rich soil and fresh water moving through the area from the mountains.

Kenya - Uteuzi Jimbo - Nyeri AA
Kenya - Uteuzi Jimbo - Nyeri AA Sale price$17.00